Controllable retrofit lighting

Total Lightshow

The Biggest Retrofit Light Show in Pinball

Total Lightshow

Bring your Stern Pro model pinball machine into a new realm of interactive lighting. Total Lighshow is a system designed to let you add the General Illumination light shows of modern Premium model machines (and more) by both adding new strings of GI bulbs and also controlling the factory strings that are already present.

Total Lightshow is pre-programmed for specific pinball machines, is plug and play, and is a totally reversible installation.



The core of the system is the Matrix Interceptor. A purpose engineered embedded system that reads the entire lamp and switch matrices of your pinball machine. It uses available information from lamp and switch states to then trigger its outputs in total synchronisation with your game code. Mode synchronisation is achieved through unique programming for each pinball machine that keeps track of all activity on the playfield and uses the right combinations of behaviour to know when to execute its desired outputs.

The Matrix Interceptor's outputs include eight 6.3V full pwm controlled power outputs and a three channel serial multiplexer for driving three independent addressable RGB LED strips or chains. The power outputs can be used to directly drive replacement GI strings or other mods. 



The GI Interceptor is a small but important daughter board which is driven by four of the Matrix Interceptor's power outputs and is used to control the factory strings of GI already in your pinball machine. This has two benefits. Firstly, it allows the Matrix Interceptor to turn off the factory GI at certain times to maximise the effectiveness of your newly installed colour GI bulbs, and secondly, allows the factory strings to be used to create their own new effects by flashing and fading at different times and rates.


Your other mods can become truly mode-aware and interactive. Extra I/O ports allow you to connect your current additions and add all the logic you've always wanted.


Kits are pre-coded for various games, but can be re-programmed over USB if you want to move it to another game, or if code patches are released in the future.