Plastic Stuff

Lord Of The Rings Arwen Pastic Protector 

LOTR Arwen plastic protector ramp. One piece, formed from 2mm PETG (tough with appropriate flex), this ramp extends downward from the end of the Path of the Dead, over the Arwen plastic and down to the shire, where it covers the left hand edge and base of the shire hole.

This protector is crystal clear and provides essential protection to the Arwen plastic which is continuously pounded and often damaged by balls exiting the POTD. It also protects the base of the Shire.

The ramp is pre-drilled to fit on existing screws in the left rail. 5 minute install.

Coloured and Tinted Aprons


3mm Acrylic aprons to replace Stern Pro/Premium/LE models from Whitestar (like LOTR and TSPP) onwards. These aprons are not rated for playfield lifting duty unless a diffuser panel or playfield lifting panel is installed.

Aprons are available in two broad colour groups; Crystal Tint transparent and Translucent. If lighting from below, a diffuser panel may be installed in the Crystal Tint versions to provide even light diffusion across the top surface of the apron. Translucent aprons do a good job of diffusing in their natural state.

Installing panels..

You can choose for your lift panel or diffuser panel to be either permanently or non-permanently installed. SImply choose a permanent bonding cement or something like hot glue for a non-permanent bond.

Diffuser panels and playfield lift panels are installed by placing two small drops of your favourite acrylic bonding cement (or non-permanent bonding agent) where the rule cards are normally placed, positioning the panel in place, and allowing for the appropriate curing time of your chosen cement.

Mounting hardware included: 2 x 3/16 machine screws and nylock nuts, 2 x 3mm spacers to place under front mounting brackets.

Please note that front mounting brackets are not included.

Here's what a green translucent apron can look like when lit..

Red crystal tint on Spider-Man..

Orange Translucent in Metallica..

These videos show what the crystal tint aprons look like with, and without a diffuser panel installed.

Using aprons for playfield lift duty

It is not necessary to use your apron to lift the playfield, although traditionally most people lift their playfield this way. redshiftLED aprons can be used to lift the playfield, but only if an optional diffuser panel or optional lift panel is installed. 

redshiftLED aprons have the slots on the front face that mate with the forward mounting brackets that were used up until about 2011. The brackets can still be obtained from pinball parts suppliers. The slots in redshiftLED aprons are 3mm higher than factory metal apron slots to provide extra strength at the mounting point. Spacers are supplied with your apron to place under the mounting brackets to lift them to the correct height.

Here is a lift test, showing a redshiftLED apron, with a diffuser panel installed, used to lift the playfield.

Here is how to lift your playfield without using the apron..