Code updates

Your kit is pre-programmed for a specific pinball machine, but can be re-programmed if you want to move it to another machine, or if enhancements are added to a machine's code at a later date.

Instructions for updating your code (micro USB cable required)

A couple of clicks is all it takes to update the code on your Matrix Interceptor. A one-time install of two components is required first. Atmel, the company that manufactures the microcontroller, provides software to allow your PC to communicate with their MCUs. It is called Flip, and is available at the link just below. The other one-time install is the executable file that I provide that does all the uploading of the game code for you.

Getting Ready (you only have to do this bit once, ever)

1. Install Atmel Flip. Then restart your PC sometime before your first code update and that's all you have to do. Flip will do what is required in the background. You do not need to run it to do uploading.

Link directions to the Atmel Flip USB communication tool.

 Direct link to my copy at Google Drive..

 OR.. Copy this link to your browser to get the Flip installer directly from Atmel if you prefer..

Restart your PC.

2. Copy the uploader. Store this wherever you prefer on your PC. It is called GITheatreUSBLoader.exe

Updating Your Code

1. Download the code for your game..

 Stern Metallica Pro

Version 2.21 - Drop target effect update (Sep 26, 2017)

Met Pro V2.21  (Drop target effect updated to be a consistent blue fade. Previous, complicated jumping between blue fade and red flash depending on whether shot was lit has been deemed lame. And there is enough red flashing already).

Version 2.20 - Support for Sound Caller DIP Selection (Mar 05, 2017)

**V2.20 updated but not re-versioned Sep 6, 2017 to address factory GI performance during attract mode and Blackened.**

**Please note that the DIP switches to which these notes are referring are the two-bank DIP switches on your Matrix Interceptor board. NOT the DIP switches that are installed on some sound caller add-on boards.**

Met Pro V2.20  (Puts BOTH sound versions from v2.10 and v2.11 on board and selectable via DIP switch 2. DIP 2 OFF (as shipped) = soundscape from v2.10. DIP 2 ON = soundscape from v2.11.

DIP 1 now selects between lighting variants, with DIP 1 OFF (as shipped), Normal Prem/LE replication and with DIP 1 ON, the "ep" version where colours are suppressed unless an effect is playing.)

Version 2.10 - Support for Sound Caller add-on (Jan 28, 2017)

Met Pro V2.11  (Second sound caller option. One sound played for spinner regardless of modes. The chosen sound cuts through better for machines with normal bass frequency response.)

Met Pro V2.10  (Support added for spinner sound caller add-on board. Switch monitoring driver upgraded. Multiple sounds played for spinner hits depending on modes. Standard bass drum sound is best heard on machines with enhanced bass frequency response, for example with external subwoofer installed.)

Version 2.07 - Test Mode added (July 27, 2016)

Met Pro V2.07  (Set DIP 1 off + DIP 2 on for power output test mode. With playfield glass off, use right-most of the left double inlane rollover switches to cycle through each power output driving the three new colour strings, the four remaining factory GI strings and the motor of the cross mech in turn. Each output will flash an alternate full on/PWM 10%.)

Version 2.06 - Flash Engine Overhaul (July 23, 2016)

Met Pro V2.06  (Flash pattern driving engines upgraded. More robust and increased smoothness and definition)

Version 2.05 - Bug fixes (July 16, 2016)

Met Pro V2.05

Version 2.04 - One version for all!(added June 18, 2016)

Met Pro V2.04 ( Adds support for Rising Cross Mechanism)

Version 2.04 is identical to 2.03 except for added support to drive the Rising Cross Mechanism if it is installed correctly. All users can use this version whether or not the cross mechanism is installed.

Version 2.03

Met Pro V2.03 (DIP switch selectable version)

Version 2.03 contains all versions of 2.02, each of which is selectable through changing the DIP switch positions on the matrix interceptor.

  • Both DIP switches off (as shipped) - v2.02_af
  • DIP 1 on + DIP 2 off - v2.02_nf
  • DIP 1 on + DIP 2 on - v2.02_ep

Version 2.02 suite

Met Pro V2.02_af  ( - with attract mode fade effect)

Met Pro V2.02_nf ( - with no attract mode fade effect)

Met Pro V2.02_ep ( - with red/blue bulbs off between effect patterns)

Older code verions

Met Pro V2.01 download (added May 18, 2016)

  • Now replaced _nf variation code for those NOT running the moving cross mech

Met Pro V2.01 Dual Scheme download

  • Soon to be replaced In-game selectable between regular 2.01 and epthegeek 2.01

This version allows you to choose between regular code and epthegeek variation (which limits the use of red/blue to actual effects. When effects are not playing, GI is only the white bulbs). 

Met Pro V1.03 download

  • Previous code for those NOT running the moving cross mech

Met Pro epthegeek variation

  • Limits use of red/blue to actual effects. When effects are not playing, GI is all white.
  • Same code as 1.03 otherwise

For games WITH moving cross mechanism installed..

Met Pro V1.03C download

  • Newest code for those running the moving cross mech
  • ONLY install this version IF you HAVE the moving cross mech installed
  • Supports rising cross mech
  • Same as 1.03 otherwise

 Stern AC/DC Pro

Version 2.0 (August 2017)

AC/DC Pro V2.0  <--- Click this link

  • Major re-release. Completely rebuilt code, refactored from the ground up with new engines, and new lighting effects. Improved response and reliability. As good as Metallica!!

AC/DC V1.03 download

  • (Now superseded) Newest AC/DC version

AC/DC V1.03a download (No attract mode sequence)

  • Same code as 1.03 but without any attract mode fading

 Stern Tron Pro

Version 1.4 (November 2017)

Tron Pro V1.4  <--- Click this link

Adds support for TRON drop targets.

Version 1.3 (October 2017)

Tron Pro V1.3  <--- Click this link

Adds Test Mode. Use playfield switches to enter test mode and test the RGB components of the ramp LED pods. 

To enter test mode, take glass off machine and leave in attract mode. Hold left outlane switch down for four seconds. Ramp lights and GI will turn off, indicating test mode is active. While in test mode, press and hold TRON_R, TRON_O or TRON_N standup targets to activate red, green or blue ramp test respectively. To exit test mode, hold down right outlane switch for two seconds and ramps will return to attract mode. Alternatively, start a game to exit test mode.

Version 1.2 (October 2017)

Tron Pro V1.2  <--- Click this link

Adds DIP switch selectable GI dimming level during main multiballs. As shipped, DIP 2 - Off, sets GI to extra-dim to help ramp colours really pop if you have some ambient room light. Switch DIP 2 to On to set the GI brighter to help keep track of the ball in a dark room. Ramps still look great of course, as your room is darker.

Version 1.1 (September 2017)

Tron Pro V1.1  <--- Click this link

Adds DIP switch selectable option of ramp lights on or off between effects. DIP 1 off (as shipped) sets ramp lights to on between effects. DIP 1 on sets ramp lights off between effects.

2. Copy the downloaded code file to the root directory of your PC. This is essential. You may keep the code files organised anywhere on your PC. They are all called Pinball.elf regardless of which machine or variation you have downloaded, so you will need to name your folders. Before updating your board, you MUST place a copy of the desired code in the root directory (C:\) of your PC, and make sure there is only one in there. This is where the uploader will look for it.

3. Connect your PC to the Micro USB port on the Matrix Interceptor.

4. Power up your pinball machine.

5. Press and hold the User Button on the Matrix Interceptor. While holding in the User Button, press and release the Reset Button on the Matrix Interceptor. Release the User Button. Your PC will now recognise the Interceptor and it is ready for updating.

6. Run the uploader executable file. It will take about 10 seconds to update your board and will then automatically restart it for you.

I got errors!!

Some PCs and/or versions of Windows may at this point throw an error saying it can't find a .dll file. There is a simple fix for this. Please see the Troubleshooting page.

7. Disconnect the USB cable. You are good to go.