Code updates

Your kit is pre-programmed for a specific pinball machine, but can be re-programmed if you want to move it to another machine, or if enhancements are added to a machine's code at a later date.



Create a directory/folder in your C:\directory called "Total Lightshow".

Download and extract the Total Lightshow into your new Total Lightshow directory..

Total Lightshow Tools

This contains two main files; -dfu-programmer.exe and DFU_USBLoader.bat, plus all required driver files.

-dfu-programmer: After extracting, just run it once. It will live in the background. A PC restart may be required, but usually not.

-DFU_USBLoader: Run this AFTER you have downloaded any new code file.

Download your code file and place it in your Total Lightshow directory for loading. They are all called Pinball.hex so you will need to keep files for different games stored somewhere else in identifiable folders, but for loading there must be only one instance of Pinball.hex in your Total Lightshow folder..

Hex code files..

Tron Pro

Metallica Pro   (updated 31 Mar '18)

AC/DC Pro   (updated 10 May '18)


3. Connect your PC to the Micro USB port on the Matrix Interceptor.

4. Power up your pinball machine.

5. Press and hold the User Button on the Matrix Interceptor. While holding in the User Button, press and release the Reset Button on the Matrix Interceptor. Release the User Button. Your PC will now recognise the Interceptor and it is ready for updating.

6. Run the DFU_USBLoader.bat. It will take about 10 seconds to update your board and will then automatically restart it for you.


If you get errors, or a window flashes by really fast and it looks like nothing actually got done...

..Then you just need to update the driver for the microcontroller, which is now in your Total Lightshow directory. 

Go to your Windows Device Manager and choose the AT32UC3C device and update its driver. When your manager asks if you want to automatically or manually find it, choose manual and browse to your Total Lightshow folder and select next. It will then install the driver.


7. Disconnect the USB cable. You are good to go.