Add discreet but powerful support to your lower playfield. See your ball better at the business end of your machine.

SlingSpot lights are mounted on your slingshot switch stacks and face outward directly across the playfield.

The LEDs are positioned on either side of the sling switch and above and below the sling rubber for an uninterrupted path to where it is needed.

Colour temperature control

Like it warm? A quick turn of the the dial and you can warm up or cool down the white to match your current GI preference.

Fitting Warning

Not all SlingSpots fit all machines! I can't guarantee any particular fit. I can't guarantee that SlingSpots that fit on my test machines will fit on your machine even if it is the same machine. They probably will, but you need to check.

You need to check the playfield cutout, and the placement of your switch stack. SlingSpot SAM will not fit through a single 1/2" GI cutout. SlingSpot Slim will.

Bally/WMS - The switch stacks are too fat for the SlingSpot to line up with the hole. Even though the SlingSpot Slim will fit through the holes, you can't effectively mount the board to the stack.

Data East - Many will work. I have installed the Slims on my Tommy.

SlingSpot SAM

For Stern SAM-based machines that use 6V AC powered GI.

Fitted with a strong capacitor and Schottky diode bridge rectifier to get you permanent 6+ VDC into the premium CREE LEDs. 

SlingSpot Spike

For Stern Spike-based machines that are already powering the GI with 5VDC.

No capacitor required. The rectifier is still there to provide polarity neutrality. No need to get the wires the right way around.

SlingSpot Slim

Data East and Bally/WMS have only a small playfield hole for the sling switches. You need a narrow body to manoeuvre into place. If the switch stack gives you enough clearance to line up with the hole you can use these.