Real knocker hook up kit

Yes, you can easily install a real knocker in your Stern SAM-based machine!

This is a stand alone kit that DOES NOT require Total Lightshow to be installed. It can be fitted to any SAM machine.

Your pinball machine can use transistor Q24 to drive a knocker coil. The steps to getting it installed and working are.. Getting 50V power to your coil, getting the drive signal to your coil, setting the menu options of your machine to drive the coil, and lastly, turning OFF the synthetic audio knocker.

DIODES... Snip them off any knocker assembly you have or purchase. Stern SAM coils operate with NO DIODE.

Purchase a knocker assembly (and a strike plate) such as this DE one from Pinball Life..

Link to buy example knocker assembly

If you get or have a knocker with a diode, then SNIP THE DIODE.

Then use this hook up kit to install the knocker so it operates.

The included, genuine Stern 50V step up board also requires a constant 20V source to allow it to operate. This 20V is tapped at the same header as the Q24 drive signal and conveniently combined in the one cable.

The cabling is long enough so that you can mount the knocker assembly in the cabinet if you wish. All the taps are in the back box, so if you want to keep it all neat and in the head you can. The 50V step-up board will simply be screwed into the cabinet or back box wall somewhere near your knocker assembly.

Taps are all keyed to match factory. 

FUSES.. Both the pin 8 and pin 9 taps on the power tap are running through factory fuses. Additional fuses are not required. Pin 8 from factory has a 4A fuse in it, so you may want to replace that with a 3A SB to match pin 9, which runs other coils in your machine. Or just use pin 9.

Click for Knocker installation guide

What's in the box..

Drop target hook up kit

You can even install a drop target bank to replace stand up targets in your machine, provided it has a drop-enabled Total Lightshow kit installed.