Drop target installation

Note - For Stern SAM-based machines only!

This is not a mechanical guide to installing the target bank assembly into your playfield. I am assuming you can do that and that you are using this guide as a hook up guide to get it working.

FUSES.. Both the pin 8 and pin 9 taps on the power tap are running through factory fuses. Additional fuses are not required. Pin 8 from factory has a 4A fuse in it, so you may want to replace that with a 3A SB to match pin 9, which runs other coils in your machine. Or just use pin 9.

Taps are all keyed to match factory. 


Drop targets require the following..

  • 50V power for the reset coil
  • A firing signal for the coil
  • 5V power for the target assembly PCB
  • Connection to your pinball machine's switch matrix in the place of the removed stand up targets.

The 50V for the reset coil comes from a tap on J10, via the Stern 50V step up PCB. The 50V step up PCB also requires its own 20V source to allow it to operate. This 20V comes from a flasher line tap.

The firing signal is generated by Total Lightshow and is sent to the 50V step up PCB via a coildriver board.

The 5V for the PCB power can come from either the 5V source on your machine, or from a 5V source on the Matrix Interceptor.

The switch matrix wires connected to the removed stand up targets need to be desoldered and connected to the drop target assembly via the Drop Connect adapter.

What you need..

1. redshiftLED drop target hook up kit

2. Appropriate drop target assembly assembly including coil with NO DIODE.

Components of hook up kit..

1. J10 50V power tap.

2. Total Lightshow Coil Driver.

3. Drop Connect adapter.

Either 3-Bank or 4/5-Bank

4. Stern 50V step up PCB.

4. Cable harnesses.


1. Get ready, removal of stand up targets.

Unscrew and remove the stand up targets you are replacing and desolder the wires from them.

2. Fit the stand up target wires into the drop connect adapter.

Only one of the drive wires from any of the stand ups is required to go into the drive terminal on the adapter. Insulate the ends of the other drive wires and tuck them away.

The return wire from each of the stand ups goes into the matching return terminal on the adapter. The adapter is now ready to plug into the drop target assembly and this will be done later.

2. Mount the drop target assembly.

It is advisable to free up the factory cable harnesses surrounding the area of the target assembly. Once cable ties are removed it is quite easy to push wires out of the way to give you room. They can be tidied up later if required.

Ensure free movement of the drop targets.

3. Mount the 50V step up PCB somewhere in the vicinity of the target assembly.

Only requirement is that the harness will reach between the step up PCB and your knocker coil.

4. Insert the power tap into J10.

  1. Remove factory J10 connector,
  2. Insert power tap into J10 header,
  3. Insert factory J10 connector into power tap header.

5. Insert drop connect adapter (3 Bank only) into the drop target PCB switch matrix header. These pictures are on the bench obiously, indicating how the adapter fits. Yours will be in your machine and the adapter will have the switch wires already connected.

If you are using the 4/5 Bank connect adapter, mount it to the playfield where you can. And connect the included cable to the target bank assembly PCB.

6. Plug in the main harness.

  1. Plug this end into power tap,
  2. Plug this into the coil driver board, and the driver board into the 50V step up board.

  3. Plug this line into a flasher connection,

  4. Connect this end to the target reset coil.
  5. Connect 5V to the target assembly PCB.
  6. Connect the signal cable between the coil driver board and your Matrix Interceptor.
    • AC/DC TNT
    • AC/DC 5 Bank
    • Tron
    • Iron Man