Total Lightshow - GI Theatre

Bring the awesome GI lightshow (and more!) of the Premium/LE pinball machine to your Pro model. The kit uses the pwm power outputs of the Matrix Interceptor to drive independent strings of white, and coloured GI bulbs that replicate the behaviour of those same coloured bulbs that are factory installed in the Premium and LE models. In many cases, where the Premium may have left some room on the table I have added even more effects. GI Theatre kits are available for the pinball machines listed below.


Bulb requirements - 9 Red, 9 Blue, 9 White wedge based.


Bulb requirements - 9 Red, 9 Blue, 9 White wedge based.

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Many people have very specific tastes when it comes to bulbs in their machines, and you are probably no different. Some like clear lenses, some frosted. One SMD, twin SMD. Super bright, not so bright.. and as I am not a bulb retailer, I don't keep a large stock of different bulbs to cater to these varied requirements. Many people even have a drawer full of surplus bulbs that they can use. It is also quite inefficient and an undue tax on the planet for me to ship bulk bulbs from the US to Australia, pack them, and ship them straight back to the US. So, in the end I decided to leave the bulbs up to you. If you want to match the Stern factory bulbs I recommend the twin SMD from either Comet Pinball or Cointaker..


These boards attach to the lamp matrix headers of older Stern Pro models that ship without them from the factory. Newer, LED Pro models have these already installed at the factory. They are designed primarily to address LED ghosting, but do a great job of cleaning up the lamp driving signal and are required for the Matrix Interceptor to operate reliably.

THE SOUND CALLER (Total Lightshow add-on only - not designed as a stand alone item)


It was cool, but Stern SAM code updates from late 2018 prevent access.

Total Lightshow now drives sounds! Switch and lamp events can now be used to call sounds directly from the factory sound library of your machine.

Metallica Pro spinners in action! Sound driven by Total Lightshow. Spinners supplied by HookedOnPinball. 

(code v2.10 with spinner sound varying by mode)


The Sound Caller daughter board plugs into the Matrix Interceptor then connects via D9 cable to the CPU RS232 header of your Stern SAM system pinball machine. This allows the Matrix Interceptor to drive sounds from the factory sound library in response to various switch and lamp triggers from the machine.

The Sound Caller currently supports retro fitted spinners on Metallica Pro, provided they are installed correctly and include the correct switch diode. An example of an appropriate supported spinner kit is Hooked on Pinball's Metallica Pro spinner kit.

The Sound Caller board..

Included cables..

Two versions of sound calling code are currently available for Metallica Pro. One varies the sound by mode. The other plays the same sound throughout the game. The chosen sound is slightly different to the sound used for standard play in the other version. This sound cuts through the game's sound mix a little better and is recommended for machines without an external subwoofer.

(code v2.11 with spinner sound constant throughout game)

Total Lightshow - RampShow

RGB Interactive Fiber Optic Kit

Bring the Tron LE ramp lights to your Tron Pro. Only bigger!

Driven by the same Matrix Interceptor system as the GI Theatre Kit, backbox installation is the same, so see that section for how to install the main driver boards. Small LED driver boards are installed under the playfield and connect to LED pods on either end of the optic fibers that are attached to the ramps and extend below the playfield.

The redshiftLED Tron Total Lightshow kit includes numerous enhancements over the Tron LE light show plus increased functionality over the current leading add-on alternative.

The ramps are influenced by playfield switches as well as lamps, increasing the amount of available interactivity.

Each ramp is driven by an independent channel, so ramps can be different colours.

Fiber optics are mounted via non-destructive clips that fit over the edge of the ramps, removing the need to drill holes for the traditional zip-tie mounting arrangement.

The GI circuit is also controlled, allowing the machine's factory GI to be dimmed during effects, further enhancing their effectiveness.

A close up look at the mounting system..

A run through of most of the game code..

What's in the box..