Something not working?

Some issues pop up among users. Here I cover some common hurdles. None of them is very big. Or you will find a discussion among users here..


Once you've got Flip installed, and got the GITheatre USB uploader on your PC, some versions of Windows still don't automatically recognise the drivers for the USB connection to the Matrix Interceptor. A couple of clicks through your device manager and you will be up and running in a few minutes. This fix is a once-only operation and you will be permanently good for future code updating.

If your device driver is an issue you will probably have seen this error when you run the uploader..

If so, go to your device manager, which will look something like this, depending on your version of Windows..

The device called DFU AT32UC3C is the Matrix Interceptor. Right-click on this icon and choose Properties..

Depending on your security settings, you will either be able to go straight to the "Driver" tab and click on "Update Driver", or if the "Update Driver" button is greyed out click on the "Change settings" button which will take you to a slightly different window which should also have an "Update Driver" choice on it.

Click on "Update Driver" and type in or Browse to the path in the screen shot below (C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Flip 3.4.7\usb)..

Follow the Windows directions such as "Next" etc from here until you see..

If you now go back and run the uploader, all should run smoothly and you will not have to do this again for future code updates.


Sometimes a leaf switch on a standup target is closed for such a short time that the Matrix Interceptor misses the signal from it. Remember that the Inteceptor is relying on things happening on your machine before it decides what to do. It is extremely fast and can react in times measured in microseconds, but nothing can match the performance of the pinball machine's own code, which knows in advance when to expect signals.

To maximise the response reliability of your stand up targets, adjust the leaf switch gap to be as small as possible when open. If you have a target such as the Bell standup in AC/DC that is not giving you the lighting effect every hit, there is a high chance that it is sitting there with an overly wide gap in the leaf switch. I have found every leaf switch that has caused a problem in testing to be rectified by adjusting the gap smaller.


Your Matrix Interceptor needs to be powered in order to be updated. It is best updated while installed in and powered by your pinball machine. If your updating PC is just too far away from your pinball machine, then you can carefully power your MI board with an alternative DC power source rated from 8-28V. A 9V battery can even be used. Please check the polarity carefully!


On kits utilising ramp optic fibres, use playfield switches to enter test mode and test the RGB components of the ramp LED pods. 

To enter test mode, take glass off machine and leave in attract mode. Hold left outlane switch down for four seconds. Ramp lights and GI will turn off, indicating test mode is active. While in test mode, press and hold TRON_R, TRON_O or TRON_N standup targets to activate red, green or blue ramp test respectively. To exit test mode, hold down right outlane switch for two seconds and ramps will return to attract mode. Alternatively, start a game to exit test mode.