Installation Guides


Do not install this product unless you are experienced in carrying out similar work and are electrically qualified.

ALWAYS turn OFF your pinball machine at the wall and unplug the power lead before opening the cabinet.

Ensure installation is complete BEFORE powering up your pinball machine.

Some level of experience and common sense are required for this install. Factory cable ties will be snipped and removed. DO NOT DAMAGE THE CABLES WHEN SNIPPING CABLE TIES.

For anyone with experience in actively maintaining pinball machines, the Total Lightshow components are a very straightforward install.

If you are at all unsure about what to do after careful consideration of the instructions please have your pinball tech carry out the installation for you. It will not take them very long.


If the connections to the Matrix Interceptor are shorted, and the power is on, you WILL damage the board. It is particularly important that the socket string cables are not shorted while the main board is powered up. Fortunately, this is very easy to avoid. DO NOT power up your game until the installation is complete. If all cables are installed correctly, and power is applied only after installation is complete, then the chances of a short circuit occurring are very, very close to zero.

There is a lot of discussion regarding the installation and use of Total Lightshow kits at the below link. Find out what people who already have the kit have to say about the installation process and the use of their kit.


Here are pictures of the parts and their names for clarity.

Matrix Interceptor..

GI Interceptor..

Matrix Terminator..

Sound Caller (or Comms Board)

Please take extra care with this next cable!


The black 5-way cable that connects the GI Interceptor back to the Matrix Interceptor MUST be installed the right way around. The connectors have polarizing feet so please DO NOT force the connector into place if it is not going on easily. You may have it the wrong way around and be finding it difficult due to the polarizing design of the headers and connectors.

Ensure that the connectors look like the photos below.

This is at the GI Interceptor.. (Tron is similar at this end of the cable)

And this is at the Matrix Interceptor main board.. (Metallica and AC/DC only..Tron GI Interceptor cables go into the green terminal block..see the Tron section below)

Video: Matrix Interceptor guides


Below are guides for installing Matrix Interceptor, GI Interceptor, Matrix Terminator, Cables.